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7 Pick Up Artist Techniques That Work


7 Pick Up Artist Techniques That Work

Have you ever watched a guy trying to pick up a girl? It can be an interesting and often funny thing to observe, especially when it’s a stranger. If you see a buddy trying to use his pick up artist techniques on a girl, you’ll probably have a good idea of the things he’ll say and maybe even how she’ll respond.

But if you’re at a bar or a party and see a guy trying to talk to a girl he finds attractive, then you should definitely pay attention. He might fail miserably and you’ll get a good laugh (but please chuckle discreetly - you don’t want to bum the poor guy out), but you might also learn a few skills to add to your own bag of tricks. You’re likely to have your own methods which you might not have altered for years, but if you’re looking for a few different ways to approach the situation or are completely clueless, then read on - we have a few things to try that will turn you into a truly accomplished pick up artist.


It might sound a bit Jedi, but you must learn to let go of fear. No matter if she thinks you’re the hottest guy she’s seen all night and finds you charming, she still might say no. Maybe she’s not in the mood to meet anyone or was planning to spend the evening with her friends. It’s not the end of the world, or even the end of the evening if she rejects you. You don’t know her, will probably never see her again, so don’t be afraid of being turned down. It’s the hardest of the pick up artist techniques to master, but it’s the most valuable.


Peacocks attract females by doing that cool thing where they fan out their tails to make themselves look big and important. You’re probably lacking in the tail department, but you still need to make yourself look good. If you’re likely to find yourself in a situation where you need to deploy your pick up artist techniques, then you need to look the part. Shower, dress nicely, clean your teeth and make sure you smell good. You might only be heading out for a casual beer with your buddies, but you have no idea who will be sitting at the next table.


Initiating conversation isn’t so difficult. You could make use of that old classic - asking the bartender what she’s drinking and then sending it over as the bartender tells her, “It’s from the gentlemen sitting over there.” She looks over, you give her a suave nod and feel like James Bond. You could also just walk over and say hi. Keeping an interesting conversation going is the difficult part. It would be perfect if you were good at back-and-forth witty banter, but this is a skill that eludes many of us. Watch an improvisational comedy troupe (Second City are fantastic - check them out on YouTube) and see how they come up with amusing responses on the spot. It’s difficult to learn, but not impossible, once you see how easy it can be.


OK, we’re not suggesting that you’re a pride of Lions and the unsuspecting girl is the Antelope you’re about to feast upon, but wouldn’t you rather be someone who sees what he wants and goes for it, rather than a Hyena picking up the leftovers? Using your best pick up artist techniques can be easier when you have someone to help, and there are a couple of options that can work really well when hunting in packs.


Shyness can actually be really adorable for women. Even if you’re not so shy in these situations, it can be beneficial to pretend that you are. Go out with a male friend who can approach the girl and say something along the lines of, “Hi - my buddy has been watching you and thinks you look amazing. He’s way too shy to say hello himself, but I thought I would do it since otherwise he won’t stop talking about you all night. Want to come over and have a drink with us?” It’s deceptively simple and highly effective. These pick up artist techniques work best with a friend who is compatible with your plans, so maybe don’t ask your buddy who’s 6’3” and is a male model.


The Wingwoman works in a similar but often more effective way than the Wingman. She can still approach the girl on your behalf, but has the added benefit of talking you up in a way that would seem a little weird if it came from a Wingman. She can strike up a conversation with the girl when you’re away from the table to buy more drinks. “Wow - It’s really cool to see him being like this with you. He hardly ever likes anyone. My girlfriends all want to be set up with him, and he’s never interested. Oh… but he did date one of them once, and I heard he’s awesome in bed.”


Sure, you want to get to know the girl, and yeah - you wouldn’t say no to a romp in the sheets that very night if the opportunity arose, but don’t be a douche when using your pick up artist techniques. Making her laugh is fantastic, but cracking lame joke after lame joke is a sure way to make her lose interest. A few suggestive comments can get things heading in the right direction, but being overly sexual is going to creep her out. If she does agree to come home with you, then please be a gentleman about it. Nobody expects you to marry her, but don’t be one of those guys who she never hears from her again. Even a quick text message is just good manners. Who knows… maybe she just wanted a bit of fun too, and has a whole bunch of willing girlfriends she can set you up with.



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