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Sad But True: Better Dads Tend to Have Less Sex



Even your sex life is subject to survival of the fittest. New research suggests more involved dads have less sex—and that's to protect the species.

According to research from Emory University published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, dads who were more involved with their kids had lower testosterone levels and smaller testes than the average man.

They measured levels of involvement by having dads self-report, having moms weigh in, and checking brain activity in areas associated with reward while the fathers looked at pictures of their kids.


Dads tend to have less testosterone than non-dads in general, but this study was the first to show the difference is more apparent in more nurturing dads. And it's not just that low-testosterone guys tend to fight for Father of the Year—the "intense paternalism" comes first, and then the testosterone levels drop.

The Wall Street Journal suggests it's a matter of evolution. Some male animals fertilize tons of eggs and then run (or swim) away, while others, like penguins, are the ones who care for the egg before it hatches. Male humans tend to fall somewhere in the middle, and there's a clear trade-off between mating effort and parenting effort.

Thinking about sowing your wild oats boosts testosterone levels and increases testicular size, and the super-dads of the world just don't have time to sleep around. They have to worry about getting sleep in the first place.



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Robin Cornwall
Robin Cornwall 28 December 14 14:09 We have to worry about getting sleep in the first place. Text hided expand
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